Please note that the Passport does not give you entrance priority. Many venues fill up on weekends and specific weeknights. Please check on the venue’s websites for their hours, entrance or reservation policy before going.

Pick Up
You can pick up your Passport any day, any time that the pick-up locations are open for business starting today until end of day on the last pick-up date. If you don’t pick up your Passport before then, you forfeit the right to claim and use it. No refunds will be given for forfeiture.

To pick up your Passport, show either the attachment to the confirmation email you received after purchase or the QR code in the Eventbrite smartphone app and ID that proves you are 21 or older to a bartender or server at the redemption location.


  1. Hand your card to the bartender or server. They will let you know which drink selections you can choose from.
  2. The choice of drinks is at the discretion of the participating location.
  3. The bartender or server will place an “x” in the box next to the name of their location and give you back the Passport card along with your drink.
  4. Please remember to tip!



Can I transfer my Passport to someone else?
Yes. If you have not picked it up yet, please refer to these instructions on Eventbrite.

Can I change my ticket to pick up at a different location?
Yes. Please follow these instructions on Eventbrite.

Can someone else pick up my Passport for me?
Yes. Your ID does not need to match the ticket. This means you can gift the Passport and/or have a friend pick it up for you.

My bartender is being super awesome. What should I do?
Order another drink and tip them well. Maybe order some food too and buy a complete stranger a drink. But don’t be creepy. That’s not cool.

I didn’t realize there was a final pickup date and I missed it. How do I get my Passport?
You are welcome to contact the bar you chose for Passport pick-up and ask if they can help you.

The bars are not required to hold onto additional Passports or offer pick-ups past the final pick-up date. With that, we only give them pretty much what they sell. So they may not even have any Passports available.

I lost my passport, can I get it replaced?
We are not able to replace lost passports. It’s not fair to the bars if they have to give away free drinks to someone who could be cheating us. It’s also not fair to short the charities we are supporting. Yeah, we know: you aren’t that person and you would never do such a thing, but we have to draw a line and this is it. Treat your passport like your keys, your cell phone and your wallet.

I know this super cool bar or restaurant and I wish they were participating in the Passport.
So do we!! Send us an email and introduce us to someone there. Or send us a tweet @GoodPassports and include the location too. If they end up signing on board for a future version of the Passport, your next one is on us.

Can I get a refund?
Refunds are available only up until the final pick up date. After that, the money generated by sales of the Passports is distributed to the charities and participating bars. Therefore it is no longer available to be returned to you.

If it is before the final pick up date, we are happy to refund people with legitimate reasons. Please send a request. If you have already used a portion of the passport and are asking for a refund, we may ask you to send a photo of the Passport ripped into pieces before we refund the money. It wouldn’t be fair to the participating bars to let someone rip them off.

The bartender doesn’t know what the Passport is. How do I redeem my drink?
Ask for a manager. If they are not able to help you, email info@boozemenus.com or goodpassports@yeahmanagement.com.

I didn’t like the drink options and I feel like I got ripped off! What do I do now?
Some venues have chosen drinks ahead of time to serve, while others will serve the spirit the way you’d like. If this is a concern for you, feel free to contact the bars ahead of time and ask what they are serving.

Take $35 and divide that by the number of bars participating in the Passport. That’s how much you are paying per drink if you visit every location on the passport. By the 4th redemption your Passport will have been paid for.

Keep in mind that a significant portion of your Passport purchase is going to benefit local charities.

If you’re still angry and feel like you got ripped off, please request a refund via Eventbrite. We would rather give refunds than have someone walk into each of the bars and treat the staff poorly.

I walked up to a participating location and was told it was at capacity, plus the doorman didn’t know what the Passport was.
We have asked the participating bars to inform their entire staff about the Passport, but some places have a quick turnaround and we can’t guarantee that all employees know. See FAQ 1: we cannot be responsible for the door policies as they are different from venue to venue.

I was denied entry to a bar because of what I was wearing.
Thank you for buying a Passport. We agree that you are special and privileged. However, you are not special enough (and neither are we) to get around a location’s dress code. Try putting the hat in your pocket or wearing a nicer pair of shoes.

The location was packed and I could not get in.
Please move on and come back another time. We do recommend making reservations where they are necessary. Bars & restaurants are under very strict scrutiny from organizations like the State Liquor Authority and the Fire Department. If the FD decided to come check how many people were in the bar and they were even 1 person over legal capacity, that usually comes with a very heavy fine. Besides, do you really want to be smashed up against a bunch of other people?

The bar (or restaurant) was closed / has abnormal hours and I was not able to use my passport.
We recommend you checking the website for each location before you visit. Some places open really early, some don’t open until late, some close on Mondays and yes some people want to be with their families on certain holidays. Know before you go.

Why don’t you guys make an app for this?
Because it’s really expensive. We looked into it, several times and it’s just not cost effective. It would take at the very, very least about $10,000 to develop one. Then there are on going costs with maintaining, updating and developing it. We would rather take that money and give it to the charities and participating locations. But hey, if you know a guy or are an app developer and want to help, drop us a line.

I am with, for or own a bar, restaurant, distillery, brewery, winery, charity, sponsor or distributor and I would like to get involved with a Passport.
We already want to be your BFF so please drop us a line.