The 2016 NYC Good Whiskey Passport – Survey Results

There are a lot of reasons why you might enjoy the Good Whiskey Passport but our favorite is supporting awesome local charities! Your purchase of the Good Whiskey Passport this winter helped to raise funding for God’s Love We Deliver and Billion Oyster Project. All you had to do was check out 40 different whiskey drinks from 40 different bars, restaurants and distilleries all over New York City!

The Good Passport program is intended to help the cocktail curious like you who want to discover great bars and restaurants near where you live, where you work or in other neighborhoods and supporting local businesses while having a whole bunch of fun tasting different whiskeys.

Take a bow, you’re awesome.


The Good Whiskey Passport, along with the support of BoozeMenus, Mouth and Yelp NYC, offered 44 whiskeys from 44 locations all over NYC from December 13, 2015 through February 13, 2016 for $37. While that’s one heck of a deal, that’s not even the top reason why you liked it.

By purchasing the Good Whiskey Passport, you also received 20% off your next order from and some of you even got a free bottle of Hella Bitters when you visited the Mouth Inside Spirits & Wine Gallery.

Some of you were even fortunate enough to taste whiskeys from small batch purveyors Sonoma County Distilling Co, Oola Distillery & Virginia Distillery Company.

This Passport had a totally new element thanks to our friends at In A Half Shell, 4 of the locations participating in the Good Whiskey Passport offered you a $5 Oyster upgrade. And you loved it.

But how do we know that?


At the end of the redemption period of each of the Good Passports, we ask you to answer a series of questions about the experience you had using it. We take a look at these very seriously and use what you tell us to make improvements to future versions.

Here’s what you had to say.


















1. Grand Ferry Tavern
2. Almond Tribeca
3. Beer Culture / 67 Orange Street (2-way tie!)
4. Almond / Ward III (2-way tie!)

*The voting results on this were as tight as they could be. Grand Ferry Tavern and Almond / Ward III were separated by only 5 votes. This is just proof that the caliber of participating locations are hitting home runs and fit the vibe of what we are trying to bring to the Good Passport program.



1. Harlem
2. Queens
3. NJ / Jersey City
4. Bondurants
5. The Dead Rabbit
6. UWS



1. Longer redemption period
2. Better Communication between manager and servers to reduce problems with redemption.
3. Different neighborhoods
4. Better quality drinks / no shots
5. Digital version of the Passport
6. More food upgrades

Different bars and restaurants have different reasons why they want to be a part of the Good Passports. Could be finding new customers, boosting sales in a slow season, other times it’s about supporting the charities that are a part of the Passport program. So we asked them to let us know and here’s what they had to share.








From the bottom of our whiskey soaked hearts, we send you our deepest gratitude for purchasing a Good Whiskey Passport and supporting local businesses. The Good Passport program has 2 main functions:

  1. Expose great customers to great bars
  2. Raise awareness and funding for local charities.

Once again, you proved that the Good Passports live up to their intended purpose.

45% of you, nearly half, tip more than regular customers. That’s a show of respect and appreciate to the bar staff working to serve you drinks when you redeem. Bartenders judge the success of the Passports in part on how people tip.

Bars owners judge the success of these by how many new customers we can bring them, if they order additional drinks and or food and if they come back.  58% of you have been back to a bar that participated in the Passport without the incentive and 58% of you bought something else at every other location. That’s what we call a success.

Without the bars, restaurants and distilleries opening their doors to welcome you in to see what they’re made of, these Passports would not exist. So to them we say thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.

To our sponsoring distilleries and great partners like and Yelp, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We have deep appreciation for what you do. Don’t ever change.

To Julie Qiu and In A Half Shell, people LOVED the oyster upgrades. After 6 years of Passports you helped us do something we’ve never done before but will probably try to recreate again.

Do you know who Chris Skae is yet? He’s the Wizard to our Oz and has designed every single Passport we’ve ever created and is the creative behind all of our visuals.

If you checked into one of the bars on social media, used the #GoodWhiskeyPassport hashtag or included @BoozeMenus & @GoodPassports in a post, thank you. We tried to share, comment, like, retweet, repost and engage with every single one of you.

Participating Locations:

+ = $5 Oyster Upgrade available.


About Good Passports:
Good Passports work with bars, restaurants, breweries and alcohol retailers to drive in customers by creating limited-time promotions with multiple venues. Customers acquire a Passport that guides them around a city where they get to sample various drinks at a number of different locations. By purchasing a Passport, customers also receive a periodic email newsletter alerting them of cool and exclusive events from the participating locations.

About BoozeMenus:
BoozeMenus is THE source for cocktails and nightlife in NYC. Take the guesswork out of your social life search with the all-encompassing guide to venues, new openings, cocktail & spirit trends, parties and more.

About Mouth:
Our goal is to help you discover and get the best, most delicious and most interesting indie food products and to help indie makers grow their business. We are an member of The Specialty Foods Association, an affiliate of Fare Trade NYC and a member of the Good Food Merchants Guild.

About Gods Love We Deliver:
God’s Love We Deliver is the New York City metropolitan area’s leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Founded in 1985 when one woman began delivering food on her bicycle to a man dying from AIDS, God’s Love now cooks 4,600 meals each weekday, delivering them to clients living with life-altering illnesses in all five boroughs of New York City, Newark and Hudson County, New Jersey. All of our services are provided free of charge to our clients, their children and to the senior caregivers of our senior clients, without regard to income, and we have never maintained a waiting list. Because we believe the combination of hunger and serious illness is a crisis, we deliver food within 24 – 48 hours of first being contacted.

About Billion Oyster Project:
The Billion Oyster Project (BOP) is an initiative of New York Harbor Foundation that aims to restore one billion live oysters to New York Harbor over the next twenty years and in the process educate thousands of young people in New York City about their local marine environment. BOP is a partnership of schools, restaurants, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals all working together to restore oysters and make our city a healthier and more resilient place to live.


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