The NYC Good Beer Passport 2015 – Survey Results


By purchasing the Good Beer Passport and or the Good Cocktail Passport this summer  you helped raise awareness and $8,000 for great local charities like The River Fund New York and Heritage Radio Network. You also helped to drive business into local bars and restaurants during the slowest part of the year. You should be proud of what we accomplished together.

The Good Beer Passport, now in it’s 6th summer (WOW!) along with the support of The Bronx, Finback, Flagship, Gun Hill & Sixpoint Breweries, offered 45 craft beers at 45 bars, restaurants, beer shops and breweries all over NYC from July 1st, 2015 through September 7th, 2015 for only $37. That’s a serious summer full of awesome beer for a great price and a good cause.

From the July Good Beer month kick-off party at Jimmy’s No. 43 through all of the weekly Tasting Tuesday events and especially the culminating IPA battle at Keg No. 229, you came out in mass and had some great beers with us at some really great bars.

We’re honored to have been able to bring this to you.


At the end of the redemption period of each of the Good Passports, we ask you to answer a series of questions about the experience you had using it. We take a look at these very seriously and use what you tell us to make improvements to future versions.

Here’s what you had to say.





















1. The Blind Tiger
2. Alphabet City Beer Co.
3. Proletariat
4. Beer Street
5. One Mile House



1. Bondurants
2. Harlem Public
3. Rattle n Hum
4. The Jeffery
5. Houston Hall
6. Buddha Beer Bar
7. dba
8. Mission Dolores
9. Three’s Brewing
10. Barcade


1. Brooklyn
2. Jersey City
3. Queens
4. Upper West Side
5. Park Slope



1.More bars in [fill the in blank neighborhood] 2.Digital version of the Passport
3. More variety in beers / ciders
4. Better Communication between manager and servers
5. Ability to upgrade into a more expensive beer

There are a number reasons why a bar or restaurant would want to participate in the Passport. Sometimes it’s about finding new customers, sometimes it’s about needing help in a slow season, other times it’s about supporting the charities that are a part of the Passport program. For the first time ever, we decided to ask the bars to also take a survey. We wanted to see if they had a similar experience as you did. Here’s what they had to tell us.








We sincerely appreciate you buying a Good Beer Passport. The Good Passport was created with the goal of accomplishing 2 things: A. expose great customers to great bars and B. to raise awareness and funding for local charities. You proved, yet again, that the Good Passports do exactly what they are intended to do.

Bars judge the success of these by how many new customers we can bring them, if they spent money after redeeming their Passport or if they make return visits. The numbers don’t lie, you did all of those things. A bartender judges the success of the Passports in part on the gratuity earned in the transaction. According to what the bars told us, 44% of you tip more than their regular customers. To those of you who are in the #DontForgetToTip club, we tip our hats out of respect to you. These people work very hard to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

A massive, Massive, MASSIVE thank you goes to all the bars, restaurants, brew shops and the staff of each of them. You made Passport redemption a smooth and fun process. You worked very hard to make sure customers had a good a time.

Thank you to Robert & Andreas from The Bronx Brewery, Ian from Finback, Jay from Flagship, Dave from Gun Hill & especially Adam from Sixpoint, as well as everyone else at those breweries, you bent over backwards and opened your doors to help make this version of the Good Beer Passport the most successful yet.  The Blind IPA battle at Keg No. 229 was one of the most fun beer events we’ve ever been a part of.

Thank you to Jimmy Carbone from Jimmy’s No. 43 / Food Karma Projects and the Good Beer Seal organization. Our first ever kick-off event for the Good Beer Passport was a ton of fun and a great way to get a bunch of us together. If you attended this event, you should know that Jimmy and the staff didn’t charge us a dime so that 100% of the proceeds from the event sales went to benefit The Heritage Radio Network.

Big thanks to 89th and Broke, Gothamist and Yelp for supporting the Good Beer Passport and helping us to raise awareness for the program, the bars, the breweries and the charities.

Why does the Passport artwork look so good? That is the work of Chris Skae. He has designed every single Passport that we’ve ever done and is the man behind our logos and posters. We couldn’t do it without you buddy.

Did you know their is a Good Beer Passport in Boston? That’s due to the hard work of Pintely. If you like craft beer events, you should check them out. You’ll be seeing their name a lot more in NYC.

For our friends that checked into one of the bars on social media, used the #GoodBeerPassport hashtag or included @BoozeMenus & @GoodPassports in a post, thank you. We tried to share, comment, like, retweet, repost and engage with every single one of you.

To Tara & Mike: you are seriously the Good Beer Passport MVPs. Three years in a row, these two have fearlessly dedicated their entire summer to visiting every single location participating in the Good Beer Passport and they have the instagram posts to prove it! Just ask them how much they like Adobe Blues on Staten Island, The Bronx Beer Hall on Arthur Ave or Finback Brewery in Ridgewood and they’ll tell you, you are missing out if you don’t use the Passport to get to the way way out places. Tara & Mike – next summer your Passports are on us. Make sure you hold us to that promise.

Participating Locations:


About Good Passports:
Good Passports work with bars, restaurants, breweries and alcohol retailers to drive in customers by creating limited-time promotions with multiple venues. Customers acquire a Passport that guides them around a city where they get to sample various drinks at a number of different locations. By purchasing a Passport, customers also receive a periodic email newsletter alerting them of cool and exclusive events from the participating locations.

About Pintley:
Pintley is a craft beer community connecting drinkers, brewers, and bars. Drinkers use Pintley to discover great beer. Pintley learns from your tastes, suggests beers you’ll love, and invites you to free local beer tastings where you can try them. Brewers and bars use Pintley to grow sales. Pintley’s craft beer events help bar managers fill their bars on slow nights, while helping brewery reps gain and keep draft lines.

About BoozeMenus:
BoozeMenus is THE source for cocktails and nightlife in NYC. Take the guesswork out of your social life search with the all-encompassing guide to venues, new openings, cocktail & spirit trends, parties and more.

About The River Fund New York:
The River Fund’s mission “to feed and empower those we serve to move beyond the lines of poverty” encompasses food and non-food needs of people living under constant ‘pressure of relentless material hardships’—which is now recognized as a better way to understand what “poverty” means in our society. People need the basic necessities of food, shelter and a sense of self-dignity. The circumstances that create persistent shortages of critical resources in people’s lives and cause them to face episodes of acute deprivation vary dramatically—ranging from the obvious, such as lack of sufficient income, to the overwhelming, like poor health or severe work-limiting health conditions.

About Heritage Radio Network: is committed to archiving, protecting, and advancing our country’s rich food culture through programs that give voice to America’s leading food professionals, farmers, policy experts, artists, and tastemakers. The marriage between radio and Internet allows us to transmit our message like never before. The Internet gives our followers the choice of when, how, and where they listen. We have over one million listens a month and reach over 200 countries around the globe. Our social media outlets and podcasts keep our tech savvy listeners engaged, while the easy-to-use website is accessible to all. All of our shows are entered into a permanent archive creating a database of discussions on food and culture. Our archives provide an enduring record of national culture in its most basic form, food. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that relies on the support of listeners like you!

About Good Beer Seal:
The Good Beer Seal endeavors to separate the wheat from the chaff by identifying bars that serve quality craft beer and demonstrate a commitment to the community in which they do business. A Good Beer Seal Bar is independently owned and operated and has a unique sense of place; making it more than just another watering hole.

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