The NYC Good Local Passport 2015 – Survey Results


By purchasing the Good Local Passport this fall in NYC, you helped awareness and funding for 2 great local organizations: Toklas Society & the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD.) Along with that, you tasted spirits from 10 NY-based distilleries and took part in the Crafted in NYC movement.

By doing so, you helped to drive business into great local bars, restaurants and distilleries looking to connect with the cocktail curious in NYC who love to support local businesses. Give yourself a pat on the back and take some pride in what we have accomplished together.

Participating producers:

The Good Local Passport along with the support of, offered 21 cocktails, all made with local spirits, from 21 bars, restaurants and distilleries all over NYC from October 1, through November 30, 2015 for only $37. You can’t ask for a better price to enjoy yourself and help out some great charities.

By purchasing the Good Local Passport, you also received 25% off your next order from and $2 off your entrance to MOFAD. Have you used them yet?

We always suggest trying local whenever and where ever possible but this was the first Good Passport program to fully offer and support 100% local drinks. That’s pretty cool.

We’re honored to have been able to bring this to you.

At the end of the redemption period of each of the Good Passports, we ask you to answer a series of questions about the experience you had using it. We take a look at these very seriously and use what you tell us to make improvements to future versions.

Here’s what you had to say.




















1. Bar at Clement / Montana’s Trail House / Root & Bone (3-way tie!)
2. Seamstress
3. Daddy-O / The Shany (2-way tie!)

*Note: This was the closest voting we’ve ever seen. The difference between 1st and 2nd place was 1 vote and the difference between 1st and 3rd places was 2 votes!



1. Mess Hall
2. Harlem
3. The Rookery
4. 67 Orange Street
5. Brooklyn



1.Digital version of the Passport
2.Longer redemption period
3. Organized events for Passport holders
4.Physical map on the Passport
5.Better Communication between manager and servers
6.Incentives to stay at each location longer

There are a number of reasons why a bar or restaurant would want to participate in the Passport. Sometimes it’s about finding new customers, sometimes it’s about needing help in a slow season, other times it’s about supporting the charities that are a part of the Passport program. For the first time ever, we decided to ask the bars to also take a survey. We wanted to see if they had a similar experience as you did. Here’s what they had to tell us.








We sincerely appreciate you purchasing a Good Local Passport and supporting local businesses.  This program was designed to do 2 things: expose great customers to great bars and to raise awareness and funding for local charities. You proved once again that the Good Passports do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Bars judge the success of these by how many new customers we can bring them, if they order additional drinks and or food and if they come back. Bartenders judge the success of the Passports in part on how people to tip. For the most part, you tip 47% more than their regular customers. To those of you who are in the #DontForgetToTip 47%, thank you. These people work very hard to make your experience fun and memorable.

Brands judge the success of Good Passports on a lift in exposure, in other words, they want to know they can reach new people who haven’t heard about them, or tasted their products before. The results don’t lie, you made all these things happen.

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to all the bars & the restaurants and especially the staff at each of them that made Passport redemption a smooth and fun process. They worked very hard to make sure you had a good a time.

A big tip of the hat to all the local distillers who worked so hard at not only crafting delicious artisanal spirits but helping to diligently promote the Passport and work to support that bars that feature their liquors.

The biggest of big thank you’s goes to Samantha Katz, founder of Ladies of American Distilleries. This Passport would not have come to fruition without her creative mind, diligence and connections. She helped to gather together all the distillers, the charities and the participating locations.

To quote Samantha – “The accessibility of so many distilleries to professionals and consumers alike has created a ripe atmosphere for great creativity, originality and promotion. The Good LOCAL passport emphasizes or directly engages all aspects of this burgeoning industry, creating an intense focus and time frame for consumers to enjoy and learning about these local producers in their most natural and logical habitat….the cocktail.”

This was the very first Good Passport to have it’s own cocktail recipe book. The idea was that you could use your 25% discount to to purchase some of these fine spirits and then make the exact same spirits you tasted at the participating bars at home. If you have not yet downloaded the Good Local Passport Cocktail Companion, what are you waiting for?

Thank you to Back Label Wine Merchants for helping us to host a fantastic kick-off party. Back Label Wine Merchants is one of the best spirit and wine stores in New York City. Not only will you find an outstanding selection but also a very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We had a lot of help in promoting the Good Local Passport, especially from Why bother to call someone who will get your order wrong when you can do it all online and have your favorite restaurant brought right to your door? Hosting a party? can also bring you groceries as well as the spirits featured on the Good Local Passport!

The Passport art looks great. We have  Chris Skae to thank for that! He has designed every single Passport that we’ve ever done and is the man behind our logos and posters.

For our friends that checked into one of the bars on social media, used the #GoodLocalPassport hashtag or included @BoozeMenus & @GoodPassports in a post, thank you. We tried to share, comment, like, retweet, repost and engage with every single one of you.

Participating Locations:


About Good Passports:
Good Passports work with bars, restaurants, breweries and alcohol retailers to drive in customers by creating limited-time promotions with multiple venues. Customers acquire a Passport that guides them around a city where they get to sample various drinks at a number of different locations. By purchasing a Passport, customers also receive a periodic email newsletter alerting them of cool and exclusive events from the participating locations.

About BoozeMenus:
BoozeMenus is THE source for cocktails and nightlife in NYC. Take the guesswork out of your social life search with the all-encompassing guide to venues, new openings, cocktail & spirit trends, parties and more.

About empowers the neighborhood economy by enabling customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, grocery stores, wine and spirits shops, and laundry and dry cleaning providers. Every day, customers explore their communities and order from more than 10,000 local businesses while at home, at work, or on the go. With headquarters in New York and a growing presence throughout the U.S., makes e-commerce an integral part of local daily life, helping customers shop, businesses grow, and neighborhoods thrive.

About Toklas Society:
The Toklas Society is a not-for-profit organization for women in food and hospitality to find inspiration, mentorship, and community. Our mission is to provide opportunities and resources to foster professional development. Toklas Society is also a platform for us to share the stories of successful, driven and passionate women who are making an impact in our industry.

About MOFAD:
The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) is launching New York City’s first food museum with exhibits you can eat. Our mission is to change the way people think about food and inspire day-to-day curiosity about what we eat and why. MOFAD, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, aspires to become the global leader for food education: visitors will learn about the culture, history, science, production, and commerce of food and drink through exhibits and programs that emphasize sensory engagement. When visitors come to MOFAD, they won’t just see and touch – they will smell and taste as well.

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